Essential Equipment for Basketball

Essential equipment for basketball varies dependent on the level at which you play and whether you play competitively or just for fun,

The ball

Whether you play in a competitive or recreational league, you’ll need a standard sized basketball although a women’s ball is approximately an inch smaller in diameter than a men’s.

The goals

Assuming you have a properly marked court, it will have a back board at either end onto which a hoop and net will be fixed. If it’s just for practice you can get a free standing goal comprising, backboard, hoop and net on a sturdy stand or a hoop and net which can be affixed to a wall.

Training Equipment

There is all sorts of training equipment available from practise hoops to bounce training devices, and agility cones to shooting targets, and resistance trainers. Choose what you need depending on the areas of your game which need improvement.

Basketball Kit

A basketball jersey is essential and in a competitive league it will be in the team colours with the team logo embroidered on it. A recreational league may wear jerseys of choice but with a set of colours to differentiate between the teams.

Shorts which match or coordinate with the jersey are also worn, usually knee length often made of dazzle (shiny) or moisture wicking material.

Basketball socks can be either ankle height (11cm from the heel) or more normally, mid-length or about 25cm from the heel.


Shoes for basketball differ depending on your style of play, but in general traction and fit are the most important elements. Traction so you can stop and change direction easily, and fit so that you can play without worrying about your feet. You need enough foot support and impact protection without the cushion making you unstable as you run or shoot.


Men and boys may want to wear a jockstrap or sports supporter to avoid accidental damage to delicate parts of the anatomy. Even though basketball isn’t considered to be a contact sport, it’s possible, when two players go for the ball at once, for a flailing knee or food to make contact with body parts potentially causing painful injury.

Sweatbands for the head and wrist are optional for very hot weather and some form of eye protection is popular particularly among people who need glasses.

Browse around and find all the essential equipment for basketball so you and your team can get out there and play.


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